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Our Story

Download the app and carry your art with you

Our goal at ArtVolt is to make viewing, saving and learning about artworks and artists enjoyable, instantaneous and at your fingertips at all times.

ArtVolt is an app for your mobile that helps you navigate the contemporary art world of fairs and commercial galleries. Think of Artvolt as your personal digital vault where you can store artworks you like to return to later in your own time.

Whether you are a serious art collector or simply a passionate art enthusiast, you can use ArtVolt to record in one place all the artworks, artists, curators and galleries you want to remember.

ArtVolt works by capturing images and content from QR codes alongside image recognition data. Instead of a quickly taken photo that is soon lost in your camera roll, ArtVolt delivers professional, high definition photos of the artwork with artist information, social and website links. You can even contact the artist’s gallery to find out more about the work.

The ArtVolt app is available for download on Apple devices.


Artvolt app screen